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 Say Cheese! > Funny stories
Funny stories

      The Birthday Spaghetti by Jackie Wade
      Fond Memories by Janet L. Vento
      Memories of an Italian Family by Donna DiFiglia
      Mr. Speiler`s Spaghetti Dinners by Alice Hathaway
      I ate all the meatballs by Janet L. Vento
      My Special Lasagne by Terri Gray
      You Have to Cook the Noodles First! by Janet L. Vento
      I made those meatballs by Janet L. Vento
      Trying to impress my soon to be inlaws by Jossephine Mary Frances Mangini Boone
      Papa`s Secret by John Gregorio
      Sandy`s First Spaghetti by J Starets
      He Must Have Made him an Offer he Couldn` t Refuse by Janet Vento
      I turned into my Grandmother by
      First Italian Dinner by Angela Greco-Holden
      Only in Italy (Solamente in Italia) by Lino Rulli
      World`s Greatest Macaroni Salad by P Smith
      Toss the Latke by Brenda Werber
      Pork Soup by Arlene Luskin
      The Polenta Experience by Nick DiValerio
      Menu: Stuffed Sisters-in-law by Brie Sansotta
      Never to be hungry again... by Gerry Hunt
      My Fuzzy Friend by Paul Kogan
      Adam runs the gauntlet by Nancy Meyer
      The best meal I ever ate by Tom DelMundo
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