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About bagels -- general directions 3 a


1 Step 2: shape bagels prepare baking sheets by lightly greasing them with nonstick vegetable spray, or oil with a little vegetable oil spread with your fingertips or waxed paper.
2 Reach into the bread machine pan and pull dough out (if it is slightly sticky, dip your fingers into flour first).
3 Some machines punch dough down automatically at the end of the rise cycle, and just the act of removing the dough from the pan is usually adequate to remove gases, but you may need to punch dough down to remove any remaining air.
4 Or, remove dough from bowl or food processor bowl and punch down.
5 Knead dough once or twice and let it rest for 5 minutes.
6 If the dough is still a little too wet and sticky, lightly flour the bread board or your hands and knead the dough manually, until it has a smooth, elastic consistency.
7 Bagel dough should be stiff but elastic; if it"s too stiff, sprinkle a little water on it or moisten your hands and knead the moisture into dough.
8 After you"ve made one or two batches of bagels, you"ll get the feeling of the ideal consistency.
9 Roll and pull dough into a rectangle about 10x14" for a 1-pound recipe and 14x18" for a 1 ?-pound recipe, and let it rest for 5 minutes.
10 Sprinkle with dried fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, spices, chocolate, or any combination of flavorings.
11 Roll dough into a log and knead the ingredients into the dough for a minute or so.
12 The dough should weigh a little more than the size recipe you are using.
13 Divide dough into pieces depending on the size bagel you want.
14 A 1 ?-pound recipe yields 8 to 12 finished bagels, each weighing 2 to 3 ounces, measuring about 4 inches across.
15 Use a food scale if you want consistency, or measure with a ruler.
16 Cut smaller pieces for mini bagels.
17 Knead in added ingredients well before shaping each bagel.
18 You can also divide dough and add different ingredients to each part so you get a varied batch of bagels from one recipe.
19 Continued in about bagels -- general directions 3 b the best bagels are made at home by dona z.
20 Meilach isbn 1-55867-131-5 carolyn shaw april 1996
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