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       Veal and fruit ragout (cookery art rating: )
       Veal and tomato scaloppine (cookery art rating: 91)
       Veal cutlets beira alta-style (costeletas de vitela a maneira da beira alta) (cookery art rating: 69)
       Veal emince (emince de veal zurich style) (cookery art rating: )
       Veal framed in rice (kalfvlees met rijstrand) (cookery art rating: 65)
       Veal in wine (cookery art rating: ) photo
       Veal marsala (cookery art rating: 44) photo
       Veal medallions with mushrooms and vermouth (cookery art rating: )
       Veal or lamb curry (cookery art rating: 104) photo
       Veal paprika (cookery art rating: ) photo
       Veal parmesan (cookery art rating: ) photo
       Veal piccata (cookery art rating: )
       Veal soup (cookery art rating: 59)
       Veal steak with orange (cookery art rating: 57)
       Veal stew with mushrooms (cookery art rating: )
       Veal stew with vodka and lemon (cookery art rating: )
       Veal stock (cookery art rating: 114) photo
       Veal stuffed with mushrooms (cookery art rating: 56)
       Veal with blue vein cheese sauce (cookery art rating: 59)
       Veal with lemony herbs (cookery art rating: )
       Veal, chickpea, and potato stew with turmeric (cookery art rating: )
       Vegetable beef (cookery art rating: )
       Vegetables and beef on rice ("bibimbap") (cookery art rating: 71) photo
       Vegetables and beef on rice--bibimbob (cookery art rating: 83) photo
       Venison fillet with pecan sauce (cookery art rating: 80)
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