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Grilling & barbecuing
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       Beer barbecue sauce (cookery art rating: 56)
       Beer can chicken (cookery art rating: 105) photo
       Beer-marinated chicken tacos (cookery art rating: 112) photo
       Blackened steak with vidalia marmalade (cookery art rating: 97) photo
       Bliss potatoes with sour cream and caviar (cookery art rating: 88) photo
       Boneless salmon japonaise with creamed green onions (cookery art rating: 130) photo
       Bourbon tuna steaks (cookery art rating: )
       Bratwurst in beer sauce (cookery art rating: 113) photo
       Bratwurst wraps with onion-sauerkraut filling (cookery art rating: 99) photo
       Breaded lamb chops with grilled vegetables and polenta (cookery art rating: 97) photo
       Brined rosemary pork chops (cookery art rating: 84) photo
       Brined whole chicken (cookery art rating: 91) photo
       Brined whole turkey breast (cookery art rating: 99) photo
       Buffalo steaks with grilled mushroom and garlic gravy (cookery art rating: 98) photo
       Buffalo-style ribs with blue cheese dressing (cookery art rating: 120) photo
       Butter potatoes (cookery art rating: 50)
       Cajun bass fillets (cookery art rating: )
       Calamari with asian spinach (cookery art rating: 140) photo
       Cape cod grilling sauce (cookery art rating: 48)
       Caprese grilled swordfish (cookery art rating: )
       Captain`s fillets (cookery art rating: )
       Caramelized garlic (cookery art rating: 78) photo
       Carne asada barbecue (cookery art rating: 79) photo
       Cedar-planked salmon on the grill (cookery art rating: 104) photo
       Cedar-smoked pork loin with pineapple salsa (cookery art rating: 75) photo
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