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       Polevka kapustova s uzenym masem (cabbage soup with smoked meat) (cookery art rating: 54)
       Polevka okukova - moravska (cucumber soup - moravian) (cookery art rating: 40)
       Polevka z bramborove kase a sunky (mashed potatoe & ham soup) (cookery art rating: 42)
       Polevka z jarnich bylin - velikonocni (easter soup) (cookery art rating: 43)
       Polevka z kysaneho mleka - couracka (sour milk soup) (cookery art rating: 57)
       Polish sauerkraut soup (cookery art rating: 60)
       Polish sour rye soup (cookery art rating: )
       Pork and "kimchi" casserole ("kimchichigue") (cookery art rating: 66) photo
       Pork goulash soup (cookery art rating: )
       Porkova polevka bramborova kasi (leek soup with mashed potatoes) (cookery art rating: 38)
       Portuguese bean soup (cookery art rating: )
       Portuguese carrot soup (cookery art rating: )
       Portuguese fiesta soupas (cookery art rating: 66)
       Portuguese soup (cookery art rating: 32)
       Potage au cresson (cream of watercress soup from limbour) (cookery art rating: 50)
       Potage of lentils and garbanzos (cookery art rating: )
       Potato leek soup (cookery art rating: 16) photo
       Potato soup (cookery art rating: 145)
       Potato soup with fat (cookery art rating: 61)
       Potato soup with saffron and mussels (cookery art rating: )
       Potato-broccoli soup with parmesan croutons (cookery art rating: )
       Potato-corn chowder (cookery art rating: ) photo
       Provencal beef stew (cookery art rating: 77) photo
       Pumpkin curry soup (cookery art rating: 81) photo
       Pumpkin flower soup (cookery art rating: )
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