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       Eggs argentine (cookery art rating: 68)
       Eggs rolls with potatoes (cookery art rating: )
       Eggs with tortilla de maiz (cookery art rating: )
       Eight treasure rice (cookery art rating: 100) photo
       El charro frijoles refritos (refried beans) (cookery art rating: 40)
       El mirador rice (cookery art rating: )
       Emerald mashed potatoes (cookery art rating: 102)
       Ensalada de nopal (cactus salad) (cookery art rating: 134) photo
       Escalloped celery cheese casserole (cookery art rating: 68) photo
       Esparragos gratinados from spain (cookery art rating: 61)
       Exotic algerian potatoes (cookery art rating: 44) photo
       Family-favorite macaroni and cheese (cookery art rating: 56) photo
       Fantail roast potatoes (cookery art rating: 92)
       Farfalle alla fonduta piccante di pomodoro e mozzarella (butterfly pasta with spicy tomato and melted mozzarella sauce) (cookery art rating: 110)
       Farmer`s frittata (cookery art rating: 50) photo
       Fassouladha (cookery art rating: )
       Fast chicken fettuccine (cookery art rating: )
       Fast fried rice (cookery art rating: 118) photo
       Fast herbed vermicelli (cookery art rating: 84) photo
       Favas com coentro (fava beans with cilantro) (cookery art rating: 96) photo
       Festive saffron rice (cookery art rating: 106) photo
       Fettuccine alfredo (cookery art rating: 122) photo
       Finger gelatin (cookery art rating: 90)
       Finnish turnips (cookery art rating: )
       Firecracker fried rice (cookery art rating: )
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