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       Kiyma kabob - minced kebab (cookery art rating: 180) photo
       Klopsk w smietanie (meatballs with sour cream) (cookery art rating: 57)
       Klopsk w smietanie (meatballs with sour cream) (cookery art rating: 54)
       Kluski kapusta po (polish noodles and cabbage) (cookery art rating: 56)
       Kluski z makiem i (cookery art rating: 42)
       Korean beef (cookery art rating: 57) photo
       Korean pulkogee barbeque (cookery art rating: 84) photo
       Korean-style barbecued short ribs (cookery art rating: 61)
       Kotlety pozharskie (cookery art rating: 128) photo
       Kougle with fish (cookery art rating: 163) photo
       Kovatok dulma - stuffed grape leaves (dolmas) (cookery art rating: 81) photo
       Kovatok palov - pilaff with stuffed grape leaves (cookery art rating: 91) photo
       Kovbasa and kapusta (ukrainian sausage and sauerkraut) (cookery art rating: 60)
       Kovurma - stewed meat (cookery art rating: 100) photo
       Kovurma palov - ferghana pilaff (cookery art rating: 126) photo
       Kovurma palov - kashkadarin pilaff (cookery art rating: 120) photo
       Kraftor - river crayfish (cookery art rating: 76)
       Kroppkakor (potato dumpling from smaland) (cookery art rating: 90)
       Krudy cutlets (cookery art rating: )
       Kulebiaka (flaky pie) with a meat filling (cookery art rating: 117)
       Kung pao chicken (cookery art rating: 60)
       Kung po shrimp (cookery art rating: 87) photo
       Kupaty (cookery art rating: 230) photo
       Kurnik (chicken pie) (cookery art rating: 120)
       Kutlety (cookery art rating: 119) photo
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