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Sauces & dressings
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       Sauce with pepper (cookery art rating: ) photo
       Sauce-mayonnaise with horseradish (cookery art rating: 129) photo
       Sesame ham loaf (cookery art rating: )
       Sesame salt (goma-shio) (cookery art rating: 73)
       Siserr and taheen dip (crushed chick peas and crushed sesame seed dip) (cookery art rating: 60)
       Slow cooker italian spaghetti sauce (cookery art rating: 99) photo
       Smoked salmon-wrapped asparagus spears (cookery art rating: )
       Smoky blues dressing (cookery art rating: 61) photo
       Sofrito de tomate (fried tomato sauce) (cookery art rating: )
       Sour cream and horse-radish sauce (cookery art rating: )
       Sour cream mustard sauce (cookery art rating: )
       Sour cream sauce (cookery art rating: 135) photo
       Soy-balsamic vinaigrette (cookery art rating: )
       Spicy cocktail sauce (cookery art rating: )
       Spicy garlic salsa (cookery art rating: 45) photo
       Spicy hot mustard (cookery art rating: )
       Spicy peanut sauce (cookery art rating: 14)
       Spinach crusty dip (cookery art rating: 41)
       Sugared cranberries (cookery art rating: 29) photo
       Sun-dried tomato dip (cookery art rating: 59) photo
       Super low-fat tomato sauce (cookery art rating: ) photo
       Svelte blue cheese dressing and dip (cookery art rating: 116) photo
       Swedish mustard (cookery art rating: )
       Swedish nuts (cookery art rating: 58)
       Swedish style mustard (cookery art rating: )
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