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Vegetarian dishes
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       Al`s quick vegetarian spaghetti (cookery art rating: 274)
       Artichoke spinach lasagna (cookery art rating: 204)
       Avocado tacos (cookery art rating: 233)
       Baked shells in sauce (cookery art rating: 376)
       Black bean burritos (cookery art rating: 127)
       Black beans and rice (cookery art rating: 149)
       Broccoli pizza pie (cookery art rating: 155)
       Broccoli potato bake (cookery art rating: 155)
       Brown rice, broccoli, cheese and walnut surprise (cookery art rating: 149)
       Carrot rice loaf (cookery art rating: 108)
       Colorful vegetable fajitas (cookery art rating: 159) photo
       Convenient vegetarian lasagna (cookery art rating: 148)
       Corn dog casserole (cookery art rating: 107)
       Eggplant steak (cookery art rating: 163)
       Eggplant, zucchini and sweet red pepper stew (cookery art rating: 141)
       Fresh tomato tart with basil-garlic crust (cookery art rating: 129)
       Grilled eggplant with bulgur stuffing (cookery art rating: )
       High-pro casserole (cookery art rating: )
       Imitation meatloaf (cookery art rating: 134)
       Lentil stuffed tomatoes (cookery art rating: 119)
       Linguine with portobello mushrooms (cookery art rating: 144)
       Meatless balls (cookery art rating: 127)
       Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach (cookery art rating: 157)
       Peanut noodles (cookery art rating: 112)
       Portobello mushroom caps and veggies (cookery art rating: 139)
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