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DESSERTS & WINE It has been said that, for some, the decadent pleasure of eating a sinfully rich chocolate dessert is better than sex. A rather drastic approach perhaps, even for diehard chocolate fanatics, but the perfect matching of an exquisite dessert to its carefully chosen wine partner is indeed one of life`s true pleasures. Here are some of the different factors to consider when pairing wines with desserts.

The end of a perfect meal requires just the right dessert, not to mention the right dessert wine. However, due to stigmas and other factors, that may be easier said than done. For instance, it may be difficult to recommend dessert wines, which have a high sweetness level, to patrons for whom "dry" is the preferred way to go. The economic factor also pays a big role as many dessert wines come with a gigantic price in a minuscule bottle. Not to mention the fact that it can be somewhat tricky to match two similar, fruity sweet tastes with one another as well as designing a generic wine list for an ever-changing dessert menu.

It is possible to make endless combinations and everyone can discover new ones for themselves since wine and food have a natural affinity, and in more cases than one would think possible, they unite with auspicious results. However, one should remember that wine-paring suggestions are just that: informed suggestions aimed at guiding, perhaps even educate, but in no way should they be dogmatic. Ultimately it is up to the paying customer to accept or discard such suggestion based on their own taste perceptions as some may consider a particular combination a perfect match while others may se it as an hideous marriage.

A practical approach aimed at making sure that patrons are provided with a grand dessert finale to a perfect meal is to combine the skills of a sommelier with those of a pastry chef. If not possible, establishments should consider hiring the services of pastry specialists to develop a varied, in terms of both price and choice, dessert wine list and dessert menu that complement one another so that the restaurant`s guests are provided with several alternatives to meet their own particular taste. The results may be many, including an increased interest for dessert menu items and if strategically paired, increased revenues through additional wine sales.

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