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 Useful advices > How to Frost a Glass
How to Frost a Glass

We`ve all seen margarita glasses with the layer of salt around the rim, but have you ever considered frosting the rim of any of your other favorite cocktails?

How to Frost a Glass Besides salt, you can use coarse sugar; instant coffee granules or finely ground coffee beans; chocolate powder; finely chopped coconut; a mixture of cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg; or, for a Bloody Mary, how about celery salt?

Grab the garnish of your choice and spread it in a thin layer in a wide, shallow dish with a flat bottom.

For most drinks, you can use a wedge of lime, lemon or orange to moisten the rim of the glass just enough to make your garnish stick. If you want to add a different flavor or color, though, wrangle up another wide, shallow dish and pour in a little bit of the colored liquid of your choice.

Choose a juice or coffee that complements the flavor of your drink, or use grenadine or food coloring if you`d like your sugar, salt or coconut to be tinged with a festive hue! Luxurious Layers Multi-colored, multi-layered cocktails have a magical effect and are a great addition to your "fancy drinks" repertoire.

To get the right look, you`ll need to use ingredients that have contrasting colors and varying weights. Very sweet, syrupy ingredients like grenadine or fruity liqueurs are heaviest, and creamy ingredients like Irish cream and half-and-half are lightest. Beginning with the heaviest ingredient, pour it very slowly over the back of a spoon and into the glass.How to Frost a Glass

Continue pouring slowly over the back of the spoon, working your way from the heaviest and finishing with the lightest ingredients in your cocktail.

This technique may take a little practice, but not to worry - you can always drink your mistakes!

Light up the night for a special drink that will truly get everyone`s attention, try lighting it on fire!

However, be sure to use extreme caution: Before you light the drink, make sure that your hair is out of the way, and that there aren`t any low-hanging party decorations that could easily catch aflame. Before beginning, warm up your glass by swirling warm water inside and dumping it out (If the glass is cold, it could crack with the sudden temperature change caused by a small flame). Pour your favorite beverage into the warmed glass, and then pour a little bit of high-proof alcohol into a metal spoon.

Ignite the alcohol in the spoon using a long match, and then carefully pour the flaming alcohol into the glass.

Serve immediately, and remember to blow out the flame before drinking!

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