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 Dietary cookery > Liquid Diets
Liquid Diets

Liquid Diets Diet supplements, meal replacement plans, liquid diets

A typical meal replacement diet involves substituting a number of meals and snacks with a nutritionally balanced shake made from sugar, skimmed milk powder, fiber, vitamins, minerals and sweetener. Some plans offer candy-like bars as an alternative. There is no time limit to this diet. You may stay on it indefinitely.

What you eat & drink

Typically, you replace two meals and one snack, per day, with one shake. Each shake contains about 200 calories and up to 3 grams of fat. Your third meal is a nutrient-rich meal of about 600 calories. Thus your total daily calorie-intake is about 1200.


The diet is nutritionally balanced and very convenient. All you have to do is open a can, grab a glass, and add milk. In addition, being very sweet, these shakes/bars are good news for anyone with a sweet tooth.


Although the flavor of the shakes may not appeal to everyone, the biggest drawback concerns the issue of eating habits. Meal-replacement diets can help you to lose weight in the short term but they can`t help you to acquire the sort of sensible eating habits which are essential for long term weight loss.


A reasonably good (and healthy) short term option for disciplined dieters. But make sure your daily solid meal is healthy and your snacks include plenty of fruit and vegetables.


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