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 Dietary cookery > 10 Steps Towards a Healthier Life
10 Steps Towards a Healthier Life

10 Steps Towards a Healthier Life Step 10. Be Informed

This is the Information Age. Use it to make yourself aware of health issues and how to protect yourself. For further resources on health and nutrition.

Step 9. Be Good To Your Bones

For healthy bones, be sure to replenish your stock of calcium every day with plenty of foods like milk and dairy products, tofu, leafy green vegetables, canned salmon or sardines, and calcium-fortified juices or breads. Speak with your doctor about calcium supplements.

Step 8. Limit your alcohol intake

For women, the definition of moderate drinking stops at one glass.

Step 7. Take Medicine Wisely

Read the labels, follow the instructions carefully, and remind your doctor or pharmacist about any other medicines or supplements you might be taking that could interact with your medication. If you have any questions about possible side effects call your doctor or pharmacist. Also, do not allow yourself to become dependent on antibiotics, sleeping pills or other medication without due cause. If you think your doctor is too lax about these things, get a second opinion.

Step 6. Get Checked

Get regular checkups and preventive examinations. Don`t forget self-examinations, too. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a bucketful of cure.

Step 5. Dont Smoke

It`s the leading preventable cause of death in Europe and the USA.

Step 4. Eat Smart

It`s the secret to good health. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains. Enjoy a variety of foods, balance foods from each food group, and exercise moderation.

Step 3. Get Moving

The other secret to good health: just 30 minutes of physical activity, accumulated over the course of each day, can radically improve the way you look and feel, both physically and mentally.

Step 2. Move towards a more balanced life

More and more studies show that people with less stress and a more balanced attitude to life live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. Make sure your life includes a variety of activities and challenges.

Step 1. Be Happy

Take time for yourself. Get connected with family, friends, and community. Do things you enjoy! Spend more time with positive, happy people, and less time with negative people.


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