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 Dietary cookery > Pizza and health
Pizza and health

Pizza can be considered the queen of the Mediterranean diet and no doubt its most reknown dish. Its basic ingredients are those typical of the Mediterranean diet: cereal flour, olive oil, tomato and mozzarella.

Pizza and health Let`s go on to examine one by one the ingredients necessary to the make a basic Pizza: the Margherita.

Cereals: the complex carbohydrates given by flour satiate and provide constant energy without affecting the increase of glucose. Therefore the cereals cloy the appetite and limit the demand for further food allowing the lose of weight.Like meat, the dough of pizza contains aminoacids.

Olive oil: the most noble and wholesome of fats, mediterranean par excellence. It is rich in HDL (cholesterol that helps the cleaning of arteries) and vitamines A, D, E, K.

Mozzarella: Mozzarella di Bufala Campana Dop is a fresh product, rich with live lactic ferments,nutritious and highly digestive.

Tomato: an important source of vitamins

Let`s now briefly examine some properties of the herbs that are inseparable companions of the pizza:

Basil: with its distinctive scent and flavour well known by those who love pizza, basil has has antidyspeptic and antiseptic properties. It is also an antinflammatory and helps the digestion.

Garlic: is an intestinal antiseptic, a cardiotonic and has diuretic and antisclerotic properties.

Oregano: a most versatile herb, it whets the appetite and acts as an antidolorific for rheumatisms.

The benefits for the health given by the mediterranean diet are well known: this kind of diet helps to fight numerous diseases as arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

Therefore pizza is an alternative to meat eating and a fit single course which, integrated with fruits and fresh vegetables, can nearly satisfy the daily needs of the organism thanks to its vitaminic and proteic contribution.

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