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 Beverages > The Basic Differences Between Sweet and Dry
The Basic Differences Between Sweet and Dry

One of the main distinctions - after red and white - that is bandied about by wine drinkers is whether a particular quaff is sweet or dry. Though imagining how a fluid can be dry is something of a logical stretch, just bear in mind that dry is nothing more than the opposite of sweet, and we all know what sweet tastes like.

Guides to Sweetness & Weight

Here is a quick guide to the sweetness of wines

SweetestPinot NoirRiesling
 CabernetChenin Blanc
 SyrahSauvignon Blanc

And here`s a thumbnail sketch of how heavy or light a wine is

 ZinfandelFume Blanc
 ChiantiPinot Grigio
 Pinot NoirRiesling

Ordering at a restaurant

With this simple matrix above in mind, you will be well equipped to tackle any menu you face. If you want to buy time to consider what precisely you should choose from the wine list, tell the waiter you will decide on a wine once you have chosen your food. Then wait to see what your date orders. Next, simply ask your date whether he or she prefers red or white. If your love target claims to have no preference, start with the Rule and suggest a wine color that matches the meal he or she has chosen. Then simply toss out the ringer: "I think a Riesling might go well with your fish, though a Fume Blanc would also be a good choice if you would prefer something a little drier." When the waiter returns, simply announce your collective choice: "We would like a Fume Blanc tonight, can you recommend one?" The waiter will then direct your attention to a selection of your chosen wine on the list.

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