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 Etiquette & serving > Etiquette for a Dinner Party
Etiquette for a Dinner Party

A Good Host

Etiquette for a Dinner Party 1.Once seated at the table, no one should ever have to ask for a refill.

2.Avoid blinding your guests with candles or obstructing their views of each other with large flower arrangements or large centerpieces. Do not use scented candles- they can have an unappetizing effect.

3.Help guests shine in conversation. Stop a bore from droning on. Steer away from topics that might cause arguments or offend someone.

4.When serving, place food in distinct areas on each plate. If all the courses won`t fit on a single plate, make sure you provide an extra small one.

5.Before dessert is served, the table should be completely cleared of all dishes from the previous courses. This includes wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers, and condiments dishes.

A Good Guest

1.If you have a special diet, let your host know in advance. This is better than leaving food uneaten.

2.As soon as you sit down, place your napkin in your lap. If you need to be excused, put it directly to the left of your dinner plate, not on your chair.

3.If serving yourself, never pile excessive food on your plate. Avoid overeating. And compliments about food should be subtle, not overblown.

4.Hold your wine glass by the stem, not the rim. Be careful not to leave fingerprints or lip-prints on glassware. If you do, discreetly remove them with your napkin.

5.Don`t push your plate away when you`re done eating. Let your host or waiter clear your dishes.

6.Sit in an attitude of attentiveness to your host and other guests, with both feet on the floor, not crossed. And never play with your silverware.

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