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 Etiquette & serving > Etiquette Advice Reference, The Food List part 1
Etiquette Advice Reference, The Food List part 1

Unsure about how to eat foods that require more than just a fork or spoon?

Etiquette Advice Reference, The Food List part 1 Apples

Apples are quartered with a Fruit Knife, Steak Knives can be called into service if Fruit Knives are not available in your sterling pattern. The core of the apple is then cut away from each quartered piece, and the pieces are eaten with the fingers.


An artichoke is consumed using the fingers. Remove one leaf at a time, dip it into the sauce provided. Eat only the fleshy part of the leaf, scraping it off between your teeth. Then put the leaf on the side of your plate. After eating the large leaves, you will find some small leaves with sharp points at the top. Remove these to the side of your plate The remaining part of the artichoke is called the heart. Cut the heart into sections using a fork and knife, and dip with the fork into the sauce to eat.


At a formal dinner, it is best to use a fork and knife to eat asparagus. Cut one bite at a time. Individual asparagus tongs are used at formal dinners. In a more casual setting, eating asparagus as a finger food is acceptable. If the asparagus has a butter sauce, hold over the serving platter, allowing it to drain before placing it onto your plate.


At a formal dinner, peel the banana, place the peeling on the side of the fruit plate, cut it into bite size pieces using the fruit knife and eat bite size pieces using the fruit fork.

Barbecued Meats

Usually barbecued meats are served at informal gatherings. Hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs and small chicken pieces are treated as finger foods. To eat steak, fish, and large chicken pieces, use a fork and steak Knife, cutting one bite at a time.


Etiquette Advice Reference, The Food List part 1 Usually the stem has been removed from a berry before it is served. In a formal setting, strawberry forks are used to spear and eat a berry. If they are served with the stem, it is appropriate to pick them up as a finger food. If they are served. With a cream or sauce, use the sauce ladle to put it onto your fruit plate before dipping A large berry spoon is used to serve from the main berry bowl.

Bread and Butter

Break bread into moderately-sized pieces, or use a long serrated bread knife to cut a piece. After using the master butter knife to place butter on your bread plate, use the Individual Butter Spreader to spread enough butter for a bite-sized piece.


Use a pastry or cake fork to eat a piece of cake. It is always a good idea to have double the teaspoons and salad forks in your silver set.


Candy, dinner mints, and other small after dinner treats are traditionally served using a Bon Bon Server, or Nut Spoon.


Use the caviar spoon usually small and round, to place a small amount on your plate or triangular toast, that is usually served with caviar.

Chicken Etiquette Advice Reference, The Food List part 1

Chicken is never eaten with the fingers in a formal dining situation. In an informal setting, you can eat the smaller pieces (wing, leg, joints) with fingers. Larger pieces, such as chicken breast must be cut using a place or steak knife. A large meat fork is used to serve yourself from the main platter.

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