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 Etiquette & serving > Etiquette Advice Reference, The Food List part 2
Etiquette Advice Reference, The Food List part 2

DessertEtiquette Advice Reference, The Food List part 2

There are many different sterling silver items to eat dessert with, including Dessert Spoons, Ice Cream Forks, Fruit Spoons, Fruit Forks, Strawberry Forks, Parfait Forks, Pastry and Cake Forks. A cake or pastry fork is used to eat a piece of cake, pie or a pastry.


Ideally, your table will have a Fish Serving Fork and Fish Slice to serve from the serving plate to the dinner plate. Also, Individual Fish Forks and Knives are a great addition to place settings.

Fruit Etiquette Advice Reference, The Food List part 2

The best sterling silver items to have for eating fresh fruit are the Fruit Knife and Fruit Fork. Cut large fruits into quarters, and peel before eating. Of course, peeling the fruit is an option. Place any seeds and the peel on the side of the plate.


When the cheese is stringy, use a knife and fork for cut each bite. A sterling silver lasagna server is the perfect server for this ever popular, difficult to serve dish.


Pull out the meat with your Cocktail Fork and dip it into melted butter. If your lobster is served cold, it may be served with mayonnaise. Eat the tail meat by pulling out one piece at a time. If you pull out a particularly large piece, cut it with your dinner knife or fork before dipping.


Using a cocktail fork, spear the mussel and dip it into the sauce provided and eat it whole.


When olives are served on a condiment or relish tray, use the Olive Fork to place them on your plate. Olives are a finger food. Large stuffed olives are best eaten in two bites.


Use an oyster server or large tablespoon to serve oysters. Oysters on the half shell are usually served on ice with a small dish of cocktail sauce. Use your Cocktail Fork to spear the oyster and dip into the cocktail sauce. Eat the oyster in one bite.


Use the pastry server provided to move the individual pastry to your plate. A small pastry fork is used to eat a pastry with. It looks like a miniature fork. A fruit fork and knife can also be used in place of a pastry fork. Cinnamon buns and Danish pastries are easier to eat using a fruit fork and knife.


Pizza is cut into wedges, using a sterling silver pizza cutter. A lasagna or pie/cake server make great servers for the individual slice. It is acceptable to hold a piece of pizza and eat it or use a fork and knife.


A fine restaurant or considerate hostess, will always serve the lettuce salad in bite size pieces. However if you are served large pieces or a whole wedge of lettuce, cut one bite at a time using the knife provided.


A clear soup is served with a small, round soup spoon. A cream soup is served with a medium, round soup spoon. A gumbo soup is served with a large, round soup spoon. An oval soup spoon is used for all types of soup and some desserts.

Etiquette Advice Reference, The Food List part 2 Spaghetti

It may look difficult, but it is easy to eat spaghetti with a fork and place spoon. The place spoon serves as a base of operation. Place a forkful of spaghetti strands, not too much, into the bowl of the place spoon. Then twirl it around until the strands are firmly wrapped around the fork in a bite size portion.

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