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 Etiquette & serving > Eating with chopsticks
Eating with chopsticks

Learning to use chopsticks is not that difficult and the more they are used the more natural they feel. Regardless of how skillful you are at eating with chopsticks, you should pay attention to the basic courtesies and customs that are associated with using chopsticks. Let`s look at the things use should never do with chopsticks.

1. Never use chopsticks to point at someone.

2. Don`t bite the chopsticks.

3. Don`t lick the chopsticks.

4. Don`t stab food with the chopsticks. Although this is the easy way to pick up a piece of food, the proper way would be to hold the food between the two chopsticks.

5. Don`t stand the chopsticks up in soup or any bowl. They should be either placed on the side of the bowl closest to you (Figure 1) or in front of the bowl on a chopstick holder (Figure 2)

6. When taking food from a bowl not your own, or from the middle of the table, never use the end of the chopsticks that enters the mouth. Instead, turn the chopsticks around and pick up the food with the opposite end.

Eating with chopsticksEating with chopsticks


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