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 Grilling & barbecuing > GREAT GRILLING TIPS

Always keep a clean grill

GREAT GRILLING TIPS Residue on the grates can cause harmful flareups and interfere with the delicious taste of your foods. Before you place your food on the grill, brush the grates well. As a preventative measure, lightly brush the grate after you cook-out to be prepared for the next time.

Avoid sticking

Before firing up the grill, spray down the grates with vegetable spray, or you may brush them down with a little salad oil. Not only will this enhance the flavors of your meats and vegetables, but this will keep foods from sticking to the surface.

Heat up properly

Be patient, and give your grill sufficient time to heat up. After lighting a gas grill, cover it for about 4-5 minutes so that it gets really hot. If you keep the lid open during the preheat period, a good portion of the heat escapes, and the grill remains cooler than needed.

Don`t be a hasty flipper

After you place burgers, steaks, chops, or seafood on a high heat - don`t move them right away! Keep them cooking for several minutes on the first side. If you shuffle them around, or flip them prematurely, they begin to cool off and steam and will surely stick to the surface, plus - you won`t get beautiful grill marks!

No flattening or forking

Keep in mind that the spatula was made for turning foods, not for squishing them down. Pressing on foods can cause sticking and flareups. The foods may cook faster, but the essential, natural flavors will be lost inside the grill. Poking with a fork will also pierce the meat causing excess juices to be lost in the grill.

Flavor in advance

Be a flavor planner! Remember to marinate your foods at least 2 hours in advance (less for seafood, more for large pieces of meat.) Apply a dry rub to meats up to 24 hours before you plan to start grilling. This allows the savory flavors of your marinades to penetrate foods sufficiently and guarantees delicious dishes every time.

BBQ sauce brushing

If you`re going to use a favorite BBQ sauce on your grilled foods, always remember to brush it on at the end - about 1-2 minutes before removing foods from the grill! Most BBQ sauces contain sugars that will char easily if they`re applied too early in the cooking process.

Allow meats to rest

You`ve worked so hard on making the ultimate BBQ for your family and friends - they can wait just a minute or two longer. Giving meats time to rest after removing them from the grill allows natural juices to constrict.

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