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Barbeque Thank goodness that winter has gone... with the arrival of summer, we can finally settle down, get a tan, and throw some shrimp on the barbie.

Determine Your Cooking Needs

Before you start barbecuing, you need to buy a barbecue. Like most appliances, barbecues range in price from crazy-cheap to crazy-expensive. The more you spend, the fancier they`ll get. You don`t need a fancy barbecue to do the basics. Rather, think about these considerations:

1. Consider space. If you have a large lawn or backyard, you can think big. If you"re planning on using your 2` by 2` fire escape, most of your decision has already been made: get the smallest one possible.

2. Consider the number of people you cook for regularly.

3. Figure out the portions of food you will cook on your grill.

4. Take into account the need for shelves and workstations on the barbecue. It`ll cost you, but you might find it convenient to have a place to hold your meat, utensils and seasonings.

5. Decide how often you`ll use the grill.

Barbeque Choose a Type of Grill

Once you`ve thought through all the considerations, choose a grill. There are three types to consider:


1. With a charcoal grill, you build your own fire. After lighting the grill up, you must regulate the heat by turning the coals and try to find that balance between food that`s properly cooked and out-right burnt.

2. These grills cook using the heat produced by the charcoal, so investigate

options that let you control the amount of heat and flame produced.

3. Since you have to go through a bit of a procedure by lighting the coals and waiting for them to heat up, charcoal grills take longer to cook the food than gas grills.

4. How easily can you remove the ashes and/or refuel? Some grills have a hinged cooking surface that allows you to refill charcoal and/or remove ashes in mid-grill.


1. With a gas grill, you don`t have to buy charcoal, and you don`t have to worry about having enough lighter fluid around. The suspense of waiting for the coals to light up is gone, too. And the risk of burning yourself is lower, because with a gas grill the heat and flame level is controlled with a dial. So you don"t have to worry about buying coals, lighter fluid, or emptying the ashes.

2. Many pricier gas grills offer side burners for the preparation of smaller side dishes.

3. Many also come with built-in utility shelves to hold various flippers, tongs and plates of raw beef.


1. Hibachis. Perfect for tailgaters and beach enthusiasts, hibachis are like little mini charcoal grills that are easily transportable. If you plan to cook outside a lot but don`t have a lot of space, a hibachi is an excellent choice.

2. Electric grills. They`re small and relatively easy to operate, and they`ve made George Foreman very rich. They`re basically plug-in burners.

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